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Its all about me. Its me to change Kenya for the better. #Ni mimi

ABOUT Ni Mimi:

Ni mimi (It’s Me) is a movement of patriotic Kenyans who believes that change comes from within first before it is taken outwards.

Ni mimi believes that individual Kenyans are the one’s to bring about the change they want.
Ni mimi is a call to action saying but not limited to:
Ni mimi nitaleta change (It’s me to bring change)
Ni mimi nitapiga kura (It’s me to vote)
Ni mimi nitachagua kiongozi wangu (It’s me to elect my leader)
Ni mimi nitamake Kenya better (It’s me to make Kenya a better place)

Ni mimi wants a future where we as Kenyans have control of our own destiny. Where our prosperity aren’t so tied to a few individuals. Where youths earn equal pay for equal work as any other person.

Ni mimi wants an economy build to last, where hard work pays off and responsibility is rewarded.
Ni mimi knows that the defining issue of our time is how to bring about the kind of change we want. No challenge is more urgent. No debate is more important. We can either settle for a country where a chosen few are successful while the majority of us barely make ends meet, or we restore our country where merit comes before tribe and everyone plays by the same set of rules.
Ni mimi values are not kamba, kalenjin, Somali, kikuyu or any other tribe values, but they are Kenyan values.
We will do this by fighting obstructions with actions.!/Nimimikenya?sk=info
follow us twitter @_Ni_mimi

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Re: NI MIMI...

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This is a very good thing It is filled with great knowledge. The man that we can use on a daily basis.

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