Most fans are willing to RuneScape 2007 Gold

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Most fans are willing to RuneScape 2007 Gold

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No matter how good the Hornets look, no matter how other-worldly Kemba Walker plays at times, most fans realize that even a maximum-performance season won't produce a championship — making "good job, good effort" a legitimate response after a loss to the elite Warriors.DEVENEY: LeBron's latest gamble could send Cavs down dangerous pathOf course, that to RS Mobile Gold raises the inevitable question: Is a championship the only measure of success in sports? No, of course not.

Good seasons are good journeys, and it's fine for fans to wish for sufficient entertainment on the court. But the Larry O'Brien Trophy is still the symbol of the ultimate prize in the NBA, the alleged goal of every team at the start of every season, available to everyone in theory, but attainable for few in reality. That makes moral victories, in one form or another, the necessary consolation prize for every non-championship team.

This is just the reality of the NBA, and most fans are willing to RuneScape 2007 Gold tolerate it in exchange for six months of entertainment. The best season in Hornets history came in 1996-97, when they finished 54-28. A "good," even great season by any measure. But even that was only good enough for a first-round playoff exit. Charlotte's had deeper playoff runs, but has never gone farther than the second round — because it can't. Not realistically.

Not in this NBA.So until things change — either with the league or with the franchise's monetary desire to compete — fans of the Hornets and other "good" teams will have to stay focused on the journey rather than the destination. Who were Dwyane Wade, Jimmy Butler calling out after Bulls' collapse vs. Hawks? | NBA | Sporting News

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