After being vilified by Patriotic Kenyans ..Washington Post Pulls the Plug on Comments!!!

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After being vilified by Patriotic Kenyans ..Washington Post Pulls the Plug on Comments!!!

Unread post by Pricewater » Mon Jan 03, 2011 5:54 am

DrStrom wrote: is an International Instituion, the ICC and it legaliced by the kenyan parliament.So it is a legal process.Different to other nations that intervene in Countries politics without a UN resolution, there take out there leaders if corrupt or not.
1/2/2011 3:27:54 AM
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hochwada wrote:
Washington Post editor should be alerted to the fact it is Kenyans and not the six highly placed individuals named by the International Criminal Court (ICC) that want justice. For too long, the Kenyan elite, who got away with murder because they control all instruments of state power, including the judiciary, have subjected Kenyans to unremitting lawlessness. The concerns, cries, and demands for justice for ordinary Kenyans should be everybody’s priority certainly not the welfare of the alleged masterminds of the post-election violence of early 2008, the so-called Ocampo six (as they are disparagingly referred to in Kenya).
The six individuals named by the ICC are now clamoring for local trails—and the Washington Post is impetuously adding its voice to that call—because they know that the compromised Kenyan courts would allow them walk away scot-free. I am surprised real politics is lost on the author of the editorial piece of your esteemed paper. Let me pause for a second and ask the editor to name a single highly placed Kenyan (fat cat) that is serving a jail term for committing a single crime in the country.
Let me also ask the editor to name one single highly Kenyan politician who has been relieved off his/her or resigned all together from office for corruption and nepotism, expect a few recent cases who were essentially forced out by public pressure. The answer is straightforward: There is none! They have perfected ways to escape justice: either through a nolle prosequi or dubious means of getting past the judges and having their cases dismissed. Moreover, the political elite in Kenya appear to be singing in the same choir – of “we have the political means and capital, we cannot be touched!” That thought defines them as a self-absorbed political class.
The editorial goes on to say, "instead of consolidating the fragile new political order, the prosecution of senior political figures will drag Kenya back toward civil war." I would put it differently, as a Kenyan historian with a clear understanding of the depredations of the Kenyan elite since independence, that international trials of the named individuals (notwithstanding the outcome) would be the first step toward making the rapacious and egotistical Kenyan elite aware they are accountable to humanity.
I would have wished to read a full op-ed piece, delving and succinctly analyzing the situation in based on facts, an informed opinion rather than the hurriedly put together editorial that has left the image of the Washington Post dented. On whose side are you?

Hannington Ochwada

12/31/2010 11:31:04 PM
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Shoba wrote: ... 10867.html
12/31/2010 1:53:18 AM
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Shoba wrote:
Leading pollsters in Kenya indicate that over 80% of Kenyans support ICC prosecutions. ... 10867.html

With a corrupt and manipulable court in Kenya, the ICC provides Kenya's best hope for justice and lasting peace. Kenyans get it as exemplified by these opinion polls. The Washington Post Editors dont.
12/31/2010 1:29:04 AM
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masaai wrote:
This is a blatant attempt to egatively shape opinion of US policymakers concerning ICC's role in Kenya. It best exemplifies how impunity fights back to defeat justice for the voiceless. The ICC process is Kenya's best hope of ending impunity once and for all. For the first time, the voiceless are seeing hope at the end of the tunnel in their fight for justice against powerful elites who rob, kill, rape with impunity. Attempts by the Washington Post editorial team to sanitize masterminds of grave human rights violations in Kenya is simply shameful.

I read this article three times. From the look of things, it appears that lords of impunity paid a PR firm in DC to lobby for an OpEd in the WP advocating for the ICC process in Kenya to be stopped. I hope that US policy makers, House of Representatives, and the White House (for whom this shameful piece is intended) will quickly relegate it to their dustbin - where it belongs. The voiceless in Africans too deserve to live in freedom from the lords of impunity.

12/31/2010 12:43:55 AM
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talib wrote:
Kenya has been looted in the last 50 years of its independence by colonial powers, former and recent. The economic distribution is against Kenyan nationals. Now Ocampo and the ICC will set the new agenda for the partition of Kenya and the total loss of its sovreignty. African Union should intervene to stop this NEW SLAVERY.
12/30/2010 11:13:06 PM
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Mukali wrote:
An absurd editorial is ever there was one. It should be treated with the contempt it deserves! Rooting for materminds of mayhem in Kenya! Has the WP no shame.
12/30/2010 6:47:16 PM
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tnk-60 wrote:
this is a joke. where is the emperical evidence to support the claim that the ICC process will harm kenya's reform? in fact the huge success and non violence exhibited in the referendum is a direct result of international interventions and specifically the fear of ICC as an independent means incorruptible by the local political class/elite. its unfortunate that the editor has not bothered to familiarize himself with the real positive impact that the elevated scrutiny of the international community has helped tone down the excesses of the ruling elite. this explains the ferocity of the elite (read impunity fighting back) to use all available resources to discredit all efforts from the international communities because of precisely the reason that these entities are beyond their usual sphere of influence. unfortunately it would appear now that these lords of impunity are now permeating through other channels such as the media channels. this editorial is void of real facts and needs to be challenged to demonstrate how they have arrived at this fantastic conclusion far removed from the reality in kenya.

it is irresponsible for the writer to put forth such fiction as truth without backing it up with real non subjective facts

12/30/2010 2:10:17 PM
Rotten RUTO jumped first,then the sheeples followed!!!
Concrete mixing machines not seen will be filling the hole next!!!

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Re: After being vilified by Patriotic Kenyans ..Washington Post Pulls the Plug on Comments!!!

Unread post by digalo » Mon Jan 03, 2011 6:29 am

..waache waandike kama iko nini :?:

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Re: After being vilified by Patriotic Kenyans ..Washington Post Pulls the Plug on Comments!!!

Unread post by Koitam » Mon Jan 03, 2011 9:32 am

Wow Wp must have wished they never publish this article. They must now that the kenyan wananchi are elite of elites and will take them to cleaners if they continue supporting impunity. someone paid the washington PR firms to throw a hail mary pass on ICC but they must know that Kenyan in USA and Kenya were the first to lobby Senate to intervene during the crisis of 2008.

let them continue writting and we will expose their lies

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