1,000 Reasons why Raila will never be the President of Kenya

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1,000 Reasons why Raila will never be the President of Kenya

Unread post by nowayhaha » Fri Jul 14, 2017 7:06 am

1,000 Reasons why Raila will never be the President of Kenya

https://tsomnyazitimes.blogspot.qa/2017 ... er-be.html

RAILA Odinga, the scion of the late independent Kenyan leader the lateJaramogi Oginga has struggled to fulfill his father's failed ambition of occupying the highest office in the land, State House.

However for years, despite the deity following from his kinsmen, and the political euphoria and hysteria he has ignited in every electoral year, the doyen of opposition politics has never won any election.

Critically examining Raila reveals a man who is his own enemy and it's not a secret that he's facing an imminent defeat in August.

Here are factors that work against Raila and inevitably make him unsuitable to be the President of a country like Kenya in this 21st Century.

1. 1982 failed coup. Raila Odinga played a key role in the failed 1982 coup against former President Moi's regime. He wanted to take power by force, revealing the extent to which he can go to meet his personal ambitions, including use of force and bloodshed.

2. Family and tribal feuds. Jaramogi made irreconcilable enmity with the Kenyatta family which extended to their respective tribes. The Kikuyu tribe in which the Kenyattas belong to is the most populous tribe in Kenya and no one can be Kenya's President without their backing.

3. Fear of dictatorship. Raila Odinga has shown dictatorial tendencies in his own party. ODM lacks intra-party democracy and this is a tell tale sign that Kenya is at risk of losing the gains made in constitutionalism, rule of law, fundamental rights, freedoms and liberties enjoyed currently by the Kenyan citizenry.

4. Lack of numbers. The hullabaloo about 10m strong peddled by NASA is an illusion that lacks tangible facts, but is meant to prepare his supporters in his planned rejection of results. IEBC figures indicate that Jubilee's strongholds have more numbers than NASA's and the ruling party has made significant inroads in the previous ODM zones and swing bloc counties in the country. The current odds are against Raila Odinga.

5. Failure to learn. Raila and NASA have not learned from previous failures. The team challenging Uhuru and Ruto is the same that was defeated in 2013, a time when the President and his Deputy were ICC suspects. Now that the cases were dropped, and they're at the helm of power and influence nationally, regionally and globally, Raila should prepare for his retirement.

6. Global endorsement of Uhuru. During presidential elections, too many stakes are involved locally and internationally. President Uhuru has received positive endorsement from US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, China, South Korea , all African countries and even the UN that even led to leaders and heads of state of these nations visiting Kenya.

Some of these nations have huge interests in the country and regions and are worried of Raila's presidencyy since he has opposed some of their massive investments in the country and the region including the war in Somali against al shabaab. International community play a significant role in elections. Raila should forget about the presidency.

7. Poor voter turnout in Raila's strongholds. In every election, Raila's strongholds have recorded poor voter turnout compared to those of his competitor. This year's election will not be an exception.

8. Dishonesty and untrustworthy. Raila cannot be trusted with such powers as of the Presidency.

9. Uncleared corruption allegations. The opposition mysterio has been linked to corruption scandals such as irregular acquisition of Kisumu molasses plant, Kazi Kwa Vijana, maize scandal and Triton. He has failed to give substantial rebuttal on these allegations. His close associates, including the other principals have corruption tags hanging on their tainted political walls.

10. Raila Odinga is unfit to be the Commander-In-Chief of the Kenya Defense Forces.

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Re: 1,000 Reasons why Raila will never be the President of Kenya

Unread post by Pamba » Fri Jul 14, 2017 7:18 am

Where are the other 990 reasons?
The ones listed are the same lame outdated reasons we have heard over and over ad nauseam from Itumbilets and Ngunyilets ....
Try something else
“Bomet is not Kabete where ‘Baba Yao’ (Waititu) won the seat on a JAP ticket.” (Isaac Ruto, 2015) :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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Re: 1,000 Reasons why Raila will never be the President of Kenya

Unread post by nowayhaha » Fri Jul 14, 2017 7:32 am

Pamba wrote:
Fri Jul 14, 2017 7:18 am
Where are the other 990 reasons?
Dont worry at your service

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Re: 1,000 Reasons why Raila will never be the President of Kenya

Unread post by nowayhaha » Fri Jul 14, 2017 7:33 am

http://www.the-star.co.ke/news/2017/05/ ... e_c1551356

Why Raila will never set foot as tenant in State House
THE unveiling of Raila Odinga as the NASA presidential flag bearer and Kalonzo Musyoka as his running mate is no news at all.

It is something we in Jubilee expected. It has zero impact. It was just a confirmation of the obvious.

Raila has made several attempts to become the CEO of the Republic, starting his journey in 1997, 2007 and 2013, and on all these attempts performing miserably.

His supporters label him “the best President that Kenya never had”.

But he never will be President.

Whatever political game plan he has invented, Raila is a spent force whose time has come to take a bow and exit Kenyan politics.

Raila is a perennial loser and he will remain the opposition leader. The tragedy is it’s as if NASA has yet to learn anything from the previous elections.

There is a saying that only a stupid man who does the same thing the same way all the time and expects different results.

In 1997, he entered the presidential contest only to emerge a distant third. In 2007 he tried his luck but also failed. His would-be last attempt in 2013 he also lost. Raila has stuck to a tired belief that he is the sole liberator of this country in terms of democratic space and he should be rewarded for that by being elected President.

Yes, he may have played a role in the democratization process, but Kenya has made several great leaps forward since then. He should know that he is not the only liberator who should claim entitlement to the exponentially increased democratic space.

Kenya's democracy has shifted from human rights democracy to economic empowerment democracy and it is good to point out at this time that Raila is not ready for this mission. That is why the August election will not favour ‘The Enigma of Kenyan Politics’.

Raila and Kalonzo is a weakling pairing and will be defeated emphatically on August 8 – hands down. Millions of Kenyans hope this time they will accept defeat graciously and retire from politics.

In this election, Raila had one critical option: That of presiding over anointing a fresh leader to faceoff with our party leaders President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto. In short, Raila and his team will never set foot in the Presidency as the main players. Ever.

Kalonzo, 63, has once again been duped.

The senator from Kericho County

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Re: 1,000 Reasons why Raila will never be the President of Kenya

Unread post by nowayhaha » Fri Jul 14, 2017 7:41 am

Major reasons why Raila will NEVER be president

https://www.tuko.co.ke/233668-major-rea ... ident.html

Editor's note: Our TUKO.co.ke blogger today is nominated MP Isaac Mwaura who is also vying for the Ruiru MP seat on a Jubilee party ticket come August 8, 2017. Mwaura was nominated to Parliament by ODM but he fell out with the party and defected to Jubilee. He shares his reasons why he believes ODM party leader Raila Odinga will never become Kenya's president.

I have worked very closely with Raila Odinga for over 10 years in my political journey. Many people will claim that it is Raila who nominated me to parliament, that is far from the truth. My nomination to Parliament was well deserved, and even when Raila wanted me removed from the party list, Anyang Nyongo, Janet Ongera, Jakoyo Midiwo and Henry Kosgey are the ones I could credit for defending me.

One of the reasons why Raila will never be president is that, he doesn't value youthful candidates.
READ ALSO: William Ruto may make you lose the election in August- Mt Kenya governor tells Uhuru
After CORD lost the Presidential election, again Raila went to the IEBC to have my name removed. When that didn't work, we were called at his home to have us resign but we refused.

One of the reasons why Raila will never be president is that, he doesn't value youthful candidates because they do not have money to bribe the party leadership for nominations tickets. This way, all youthful candidates will fall off along the way and will not be on the ballot and hence, their peers and relatives will have no reason to vote.

Look at the turnout in Rift Valley; it was purely because of fielding youthful candidates. I have seen some serious youthful aspirants in ODM the likes of Edwin Sifuna, Anthony Kibagendi, Sylvanus Osoro, Ahmed Papa, Babu Owino and all the others, they are foot soldiers and defenders of the ODM party and Raila, but they will be dealt a serious blow when nomination day comes.

I remember Sifuna made Ababu Namwamba's exit from the party look like child play, while Osoro and Kibagendi have defended the ODM party in Kisii to the man. Now these young people are to be sacrificed at the alter of the highest bidder. Good performers like Kibra's Ken Okoth, David Ochieng, Agostino Netto and others from luo Nyanza must be allowed to serve only one term lest they threaten the Odinga dynasty.

Raila is a truly disorganised person who largely survives on the sheer force of personality.
In ODM, there is a systematic scheme by the party leadership to lock out any promising youth. Raila only believes in using the youth, not empowering them. When you are seen to be too intelligent and independent minded, you are shown the door just like they removed us from the party register and all the parliamentary committees. When you ask, you are told 'Baba' must cane individuals. Now that's the greatest height of dictatorship.
Secondly, Raila defends mediocrity. CORD governors have performed dismally. They have looted their counties dry, and share their loot with the party leadership. This is why they want to get direct tickets to defend their seats. The same governors such as Joho, Nanok, Kidero and Ongwae are dictating to Raila on who should get ODM tickets for MPs' and MCAs' positions in their respective counties. Remember the old adage "he who pays the piper, calls the tune".

Fourthly, having been in ODM, and now deeply in Jubilee, I understand the levels of disorganization in ODM, and being the biggest partner in NASA, they will definitely infect Wiper and ANC with that very disorganization. Raila is a truly disorganised person who largely survives on the sheer force of personality. He thrives in rallies, but does very little planning on how the entire process should run, yet politics 101 states that you must plan all the way to the end.

He thrives in rallies, but does very little planning on how the entire process should run.
Raila will cancel all his meetings that would add a lot of value to his campaign, if you hurriedly presented him with an opportunity to address a mammoth crowd like the one Jubilee has just had at Tononoka grounds. He recruits some of the the best brains, but never wants to spend his money on them. He wants people to work for him pro-bono. That's why he ends up having only a few Luos working their backs off, indeed slaving for him in order to take him to the elusive State House.

Kalonzo and Wetangula are being treated as unwelcome guests in NASA, now that they seem to have outlived their usefulness. Raila and Mudavadi are thinking NASA while Kalanzo and Wetangula are still in CORD. Now which way forward? Its very clear that the former are rekindling their failed dream of 2007, and at the minimum, thinking of a coalition govt.

That's why they are promising each other non existent positions that would need a bipartisan approach if the suggested referendum was to go through. In there lies the hidden dagger just like it happened within the NARC coalition. Do you think that if Mudavadi were to be the flag bearer, he could by decree cede his power to an unelected Prime Minister? And if Raila were to be president, would he shed some substantial mandate to an ambitious Premier? His close ally John Pombe Maghufuli has already done it in Tanzania, by abandoning the constitutional review process in order to retain an imperial presidency. As they say, tell me your friends, and I will tell you who you are.

Finally, Raila long lost the reform agenda. He banks on his hey days of the 90s but Kenyans have since moved on and his brand of politics has been overtaken by time. He creates a storm, indeed a crisis for purposes of giving him political mileage after solving it. Remember the recent IEBC fiasco after the Okoa Kenya one failed. He thrives in telling 'vitendawili' and propaganda, which Kenyans have now become so used to.He needs to have an agenda of his own.

Mwaura: With Raila, you can never be too sure for he doesn't keep his word.
Raila is definitely not what Kenyans are looking for. His party hawks nomination certificates to the highest bidder essentially selling leadership of our dear country to boot lickers, crooks and hangers on!

He has hijacked the reform mantra only as a posture to his brand of politics of subterfuge and iconoclastic deceptions.
Raila looks attractive from afar, but when you get to know him, he is not only a non reformer, but the quintessential politician per excellence like any other. In fact, a two faced individual who you will find so hard to trust when you get to know him better.

As a shrewd politician, I respect him. That's why when I made up my mind to move on, I had the courtesy to inform him in person. He later on called a big meeting at Orange house to attack me. After careful analysis, I have come to the conclusion that Raila is definitely not the solution for Kenya. That's why most politicians who know him and his antics are leaving him in droves.
With Raila, you can never be too sure for he doesn't keep his word.

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Re: 1,000 Reasons why Raila will never be the President of Kenya

Unread post by nowayhaha » Fri Jul 14, 2017 7:46 am

https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/7-reason ... evi-cheruo

7 Reasons why Raila Will Never Be Kenya’s President

1. The inheritance of bitter and bloodcurdling rivalry between the Late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta and the Late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga by their predecessors: The two families have not only been entangled in an endless political feud but also flexing of their financial muscles and expanding their separate empires using godly and ungodly channels. There is fear within the Kenyatta’s and their allies (the Moi’s, the Kibaki’s, Biwott’s, Kulei’s and other major beneficiaries of grand looting and blatant theft of public coffers) that a Raila’s presidency will undermine their interests and jeopardize their efforts of safeguarding their loot and wealth.

1. Raila’s alleged role during the 1982 attempted coup by the Kenya Air force. It is believed within the military cycles (whose big boys are undoubtedly perennial beneficiaries of land-grabbing and generous loot from public coffers) that a Raila’s presidency is not only a recipe for disaster but also the ultimate genesis of end and crumbling of their empires. As such, Raila has never enjoyed the support of the military let alone the very same air force that played a crucial role in the failed coup attempt of 1982 against former president Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi.

1. Sycophancy and ‘Goonship’: Overtime, Luo-Nyanza has graduated into a crucial breeding ground for Goons a.k.a ‘fists for hire’ or lately, Men in Blue (MIB) largely drawn from the banned squadron calling itself ‘China Commandos’ and formerly based in the heart of the Lakeside City, Kisumu. These goons are responsible for organizing all manner of staged ‘political coups’ within Raila’s party mostly on behalf of diehard Luo Politicians. On the other hand, Raila has always surrounded himself with an army of loyalists from his Luo tribe. On many an unfortunate occasion, they have been responsible for breeding strife and enmity between Raila and other potential political allies drawn from other tribes.

1. Dirt, filth and ugliness of fate: Having succeeded in failing to ascend to the presidency multiple of times, many Kenyans believe the former Prime Minister was simply not born a lucky man. 2007 general election was seen by many as the sole chance he was given by Kenyans and openly denied by a hardliner-gang stemming from the infamous Mount Kenya Mafia. For Raila Amolo Odinga, chance, destiny, time and circumstances have seemingly colluded with an apparently ill fate to ensure he never step his feet in the State House.

1. Raila is a tiny thief: His seasoned political opponents have always been drawn from parties affiliated with the usual big boys who have been busy, since independence, looting and stashing the bad coins in Switzerland and European Commercial Institutions. The Odinga’s largely acquired their now growing wealth from the Communist Russia thanks to the Late Jaramogi’s efforts to promote communism in Kenya and across East Africa with the help of the Late Mwalimu Julius Nyerere Kambarage. With the exception of the Molasses Plant and the suspicious Gas Company, Odinga’s wealth was mostly acquired via godly channels. For this reason, Raila is not a bad of the feather as far as the rest are concerned.

1. Cowardice: Having clearly won the 2007 presidential elections, Raila repeatedly demonstrated his cowardice with the manner in which he recklessly paved way for the Mount Kenya Mafia (then surrounding the shameless election looter, one Mwai Emilio Kibaki), to walk away with everything the 50:50 pact offered. As a leader, Raila openly proved weak, vulnerable, and incapable of standing up against the blatant rape of the constitution and disregard of the rule of law by the then regime. Raila Amolo Odinga gave his sworn enemies a clean sheet with distinct subscriptions entailing a comprehensive list of his weakest side. 2013 will see this unfortunate vulnerable side of Raila exploited fully to the advantage of Jubilee, which incidentally inherited nearly the whole team in the Kibaki’s regime responsible for vote-rigging back in 2007.

1. Tribe Factor and Exaggerated Pride of Raila’s Tribesmen: Luos are typically proud and they live large. They fancy taking a huge bite from what life can offer and only cares about today’s fill for it has been said since time immemorial that tomorrow will always take good care of itself. This same habit has created stereotypes among other Kenyans that if one of them was to lead this country; life can be a real bite of a hot cake served straight from the bottom of the proverbial hereafter-hellish brimstones and blazing sapphire. Prior to 2013 general elections when Raila was leading in major pollsters, Luo’s living in Nairobi were spreading serious jokes that they will not pay their rents and bills if Raila were to be elected. The rest is now sadly history.

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Re: 1,000 Reasons why Raila will never be the President of Kenya

Unread post by nowayhaha » Fri Jul 14, 2017 7:59 am

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Re: 1,000 Reasons why Raila will never be the President of Kenya

Unread post by nowayhaha » Fri Jul 14, 2017 8:00 am


NAMWAMBA reveals the reason why RAILA ODINGA will never be President of Kenya

ODM Secretary General, Ababu Namwamba, has claimed that CORD leader, Raila Odinga, will never be President because of people that surround him.

In an exclusive interview with one of the local dailies, Namwamba, who is also the Budalang’i MP said Raila’s presidential bid will always be sabotaged by people who he termed as hyenas that are paid by Jubilee Government to sabotage his dream of occupying State House.

For instance, Namwamba mentioned Bungoma Senator, Moses Wetangula, who he termed as a ‘saboteur’ who is being paid by Jubilee to see to it that the collapse of CORD comes to fruition.

“Some people cause confusion every time election draws closer. Whenever they do this, the presidential momentum of our leader is affected. We suspect these people are being paid to crumble ODM’s quest for Presidency,” Namwamba said.
The outspoken lawmaker also accused these unnamed politicians of forming a clique that ensured unpopular candidates got nominated so that they could lose in election day to deny the party the numbers required in the National Assembly. RAILA ODINGA

Raila Odinga, 71, has tried three times before to win the top seat in the country but at every attempt, he failed.

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Re: 1,000 Reasons why Raila will never be the President of Kenya

Unread post by nowayhaha » Fri Jul 14, 2017 8:01 am

https://www.epickenyan.com/why-raila-od ... president/

Why Raila Odinga Might Never Be the President of Kenya

Raila Odinga ran for the presidency three times but failed to clinch the seat in 1997, 2007 and 2013. He is closely associated with the opposition politics. His supporters label him as the ‘best’ president that Kenya never had. They praise him for his contribution to the second liberation in Kenya. Others claim he is the ‘father’ of multi-party democracy in Kenya.

Many attribute his inability to clinch the presidency to bad karma despite him being very popular. Raila Odinga himself feels that the establishment rigged him out in the 2007 and 2013 general election. Many of his supporters share the same feeling. This narrative has made him and his followers bitter and dissatisfied.

Raila Odinga rejected the results for the two general elections. The aftermath of the 2007 general elections was a bloody violence with many lives lost and property destroyed. Raila referred to the Supreme Court as koti bandia (fake court) in 2013 after the court rejected his presidential petition.

Why Raila Odinga risks never being president

It is not bad karma Raila Odinga has never and probably never will be president. He is to blame for many of his own political misfortunes. He is oblivious to these mistakes and does not make any effort to correct them. Raila turns a blind eye and shifts the blame to others. This has cost him dearly.

Raila Odinga is untrustworthy

Many of his past comrades refer to him as an untrustworthy person. He has exploited and dumped many allies and politicians. A good example is the current Deputy President William Ruto. Another example is his former political advisor Miguna Miguna.

Ruto was a key ODM official when ODM and PNU formed the Coalition Government in April 2008. Nevertheless, he felt politically shortchanged alongside his allies with the deal ODM signed with PNU. When he tried to complain, Raila’s influence saw him shifted from the powerful Agriculture Ministry. Eventually, Kibaki fired him after consulting with the then Prime Minister, Raila Odinga.

When the ICC cases began, many of Ruto’s supporters felt that he did not deserve to be at The Hague. They said that Raila used him as a scapegoat. The narrative that Raila took Ruto to Hague made him to lose the support of Ruto’s political base entirely.

His co-principals in CORD also feel that he is betraying them by refusing to endorse their candidacy for the presidency as agreed in 2013. He has already declared he will not step down for anyone.

He loves sycophancy

Raila Odinga loves sycophancy. He loves working with people who worship him. He does not take competition kindly and hates criticism at all costs. When you try to challenge him, his army of sycophants tries to silence you. He kicks you out of his camp once he realizes that you have outlived your usefulness. This hero worship has made him think that he is a political demigod. He thinks he is indispensable to Kenyan politics.

He sees Kenyans as mean ingrates

Raila Odinga also thinks that Kenyans owe him a favour for his role in the second liberation. He thinks he did Kenyans a big favour. Thus, he desperately wants Kenyans to reward him. He thinks Kenyans can only repay this ‘favour’ by giving him the presidency. He sees it as a quid pro quo (nipe nikupe).

Thus, he might possibly see Kenyans as mean ingrates for failing to grant him his wish. He might be bitter and resentful for this. Yet, we cannot attribute the democratic rights we enjoy right now to him alone. There are many others influential to the second liberation. For example, Kenneth Matiba, Timothy Njoya, Charles Kipsang arap Muge, Koigi wa Wamwere, Ndingi Mwana a’Nzeki and his father Jaramogi Oginga Odinga.

Raila is a turncoat revolutionary

Unlike the other freedom fighters who stuck to the course, Raila Odinga betrayed the course. He joined the oppressive Moi regime that he had fought tooth and nail before. The same government had detained him without trial for six years.

Moi promoted him to his cabinet as the Minister for Energy after his NDP party agreed to work with KANU. This merger followed his unsuccessful bid for the presidency in the 1997 general elections.

His source of wealth is obscure

With his taste of power, he became the same enemy he was ostensibly fighting before. All of a sudden, he began to accumulate a lot of wealth using his influence as the energy minister. He became an overnight big business magnate in the oil and petroleum industry.

Soon after, he acquired the Kisumu Molasses Plant. He has maintained that his family acquired the plant legally without political influence. However, it remains suspect why this happened just after Raila Odinga became Moi’s ally only for Moi to promote him to the cabinet.

He became a billionaire within a decade of enjoying political power. Yet, he keeps the source of his wealth obscure, even in his own biography.

He is power hungry

He is well-known as a key mastermind of the botched 1982 coup that aimed to topple the Moi regime. The coup left many civilians dead and property destroyed.

He joined KANU thinking Moi would declare him the presidential candidate for KANU for the 2002 general elections. Moi and KANU overlooked him and instead chose Uhuru Kenyatta. He defected in protest and formed the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). LDP later merged with other political parties to form the National Rainbow Coalition (NARC).

He had struck a deal with Kibaki to make him Prime Minister, but Kibaki did not honour the deal. He left the government in protest and formed the opposition. In 2008, his advisors like Miguna Miguna advised him to opt for fresh elections after the disputed December polls. They were sure he would win. However, he took the shortcut and opted for the ‘nusu mkate’ coalition government. We all know what happened after that.

He is vindictive and will become a dictator

Raila Odinga shows a strong desire for revenge. He does not think twice about the influence of his actions on others. People fear he will extend this vindictive nature to the presidency. He will become dictatorial and authoritarian, disregarding the rule of law at every turn.

His use and dump policy will see many who question his authority face persecution. In addition, many think that he will follow in the footsteps of Moi by economically sabotaging certain ethnic communities.

He cannot control his rowdy supporters

A certain group of his supporters is violent and rowdy. He has shown inability to control them. This makes people paranoid about his leadership.

He dislikes young people

He likes the old guards who have been with him since the beginning and distastes youthful leadership. His unseen hand showed itself in the onslaught against the ‘young Turks’ who tried to take over the leadership of ODM party. MPs Ababu Namwamba and Ken Obura are among the major victims of this onslaught.

He once compared Kisumu Central MP Ken Obura to a lizard that craved for recognition and climbed a tree hoping that people would see it. This was after Obura expressed his interest in vying for the ODM party’s post of Secretary General.

This dislike for youth leadership has taken away the vibrancy in his party and style of politics. It contributed to his loss in 2013 in a major way. The same worked in favour of Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto. He relies on the old ways of doing things and the old guard to advise him and run his political campaigns.

His indirect influence saw the infamous ‘men in black’ disrupt ODM elections in 2014. He even admitted that the men dressed in black were part of ODM security.

Raila Odinga promotes tribal politics

He describes himself as a reformist and a social democrat. However, that is just a facade he uses to disguise his real self. He is a big proponent of tribal politics and the sole political demigod of the Luo community.

If he fails to correct these mistakes, it will cost him the presidency for the fourth time in 2017. He cannot expect to do things the same way and expect different results.

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Re: 1,000 Reasons why Raila will never be the President of Kenya

Unread post by nowayhaha » Fri Jul 14, 2017 8:02 am

https://www.standardmedia.co.ke/ureport ... -president

Why Raila will never be president

I have waited for two decades for the nation to heal but it is likely to lapse back to ethnicity and political intolerance going by the party realignments currently going on.

My focus is on Raila Amollo Odinga; one politician born with a mission. The 71 year-old politician has weathered many storms and right when we hope he will throw in the towel and bow out of politics, he re-engineers his way back into the political center-stage.

In 1997, he entered the presidential contest only to emerge distant third. In 2007 he tried his luck again but the ghosts of stolen elections played homage to the power of incumbency and his chief rival Mwai Emilio Kibaki was sworn in as president.

See Also: Quit presidential race if you don't trust IEBC, Jubilee MPs tell Raila - Kenyans' reactions captured
His 2007 strategy to win the presidency must have been the best in the history of the country. It is that ingenuity that earned him the Prime Minister's position; a grafting into the constitution to appease the martyrs of democracy. He lost 2013 elections and I believe that was his last chance.

Kenya's democracy has shifted from Human Rights democracy to Economic democracy and this is not Raila's mission. That is why 2017 presidential elections will not favor the 'enigma' of Kenyan politics.

Raila has one option and one option only; preside over anointing a new leader to take Kenyans to the Promised Land. He will not set foot on the Promised Land. It is a haunting and chaotic reality that is starting to play out now as we look towards 2017 elections.

See Also: Judiciary must arbitrate, not spark enmity in General Elections
The symbolic collapse of the podium while addressing supporters in Malindi, is a sign of a similar occurrence in April 2008. This is when the table gave way minutes after signing a coalition pact with the disputed winner of the 2007 elections which gave way to the popular 'nusu mkate' government with Mwai Kibaki.

Legacies are important. They are gifts we give future generations. Raila has one last chance to pass the baton of leadership. It is his mission to prepare the way for the winner and the nation's liberator. Prepare the way now Agwambo; the mysterious one!

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Re: 1,000 Reasons why Raila will never be the President of Kenya

Unread post by nowayhaha » Fri Jul 14, 2017 8:02 am

http://www.pashaonline.com/reason-raila ... ent-kenya/


Raila Odinga has been in the limelight of the politics of Kenya since time immemorial. The history dates back to his father, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga who was once Kenya’s first vice president.

Raila Odinga has been trying to be the president of the republic of Kenya for some time now but as the political wind is blowing, Raila may never be the president of the republic of Kenya. This is a message that followers of Raila never want to hear and am sure they can tear me into countless pieces if they knew my whereabouts.

It is very difficult to defeat a sitting head of state in Africa and especially in Kenya. It defeating a sitting head of state was possible then Raila would have become president in the year 2007 where the then president Mwai Kibaki seemed to have been defeated squarely. Raila will be running against Uhuru Kenyatta who has already loudly declared that he must rule for ten years and when a head of state declares that in Africa, it is as good as already winning.

Ladies and gentlemen, forgive me but Raila might just be the best president that Kenya never had.

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Re: 1,000 Reasons why Raila will never be the President of Kenya

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Raila Odinga is one of the oldest politicians in the Kenyan politics. Having been a follower of the Kenyan politics for a while, I think he has proved to me that he will remain a politician and he can never be a good national leader because he has failed even in the constituency that he manages.
Here are my reasons:-

1. ‘‘Kibera Constituency” fail – You cannot tell us to vote for you to be the CEO of Kenya, while you have failed as the CEO of Lang’ata constituency. The biggest slum in Kenya and the second largest slum in Africa is in his constituency and he has done very little or nothing to upgrade the slum even in his position as the Prime Minister.

2. Kenya is not a hierarchy – It is the high time that Kenya breaks from the past and gives room to a new breed of leaders. Kenya has very many able leaders and we cannot accept inheritance of leadership.

3. He is more of the image of Kenyan problems – He has not been able to give practical solutions to problems facing Kenya today. He has always played the role of a whistle blower for political benefits thus becoming part of the problem rather than being part of the solution.

4. His Chameleon nature – He is not the kind of a person who can declare a stand and stick to it. He has always been accused of signing MOU’s with different groups of people (e.g The Muslims) and he is later accused of going against the agreements.

5. His Dictatorial Nature – He has proved to me beyond reasonable doubts that is has no room for democracy. He believes whatever he says is final and his decision should not be questioned. If you look at all the ODM rebels, they have all quit the party citing dictatorship and their opinions not being respected. If you cannot exercise democracy in the party, how do you expect us to trust that you to run this country democratically?
Kenya is bigger than Raila Odinga; Kenya is not ready for a Raila Presidency.

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Re: 1,000 Reasons why Raila will never be the President of Kenya

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http://www.thenairobitimes.com/2016/06/ ... president/

Raila Odinga is an old man now, having eaten salt for 72 years. However, he seems to live in a dangerous ‘white space’ where as a leader he is insulated from the discomfort of truth – he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know. More critically, as senior leader, he has personally failed to seek information that would make him uncomfortable.

He is known to be dismissive of individuals who challenge him. As a result, he has totally and miserably missed the opportunity to transform his political insights at the edge of his career into valuable actions at the core democratization

Not sure where Raila attained his leadership training but one thing is for sure he has failed a fundamental test of establishing a candid culture.

His political followers are converted and baptized into sycophancy because they cannot dare be honest about any slight bad news–whether it’s the fact that his political strategy is outdated, or that supporters dislike the experience of playing opposition politics for eternity? Nobody can dare bring up such uncomfortable discussions.

For naive politicians and maybe stupid business people, it is easy and comfortable to wrap oneself in a “cocoon” of good news. “Everyone says, ‘It’s alright, there’s no problem,’ and the next day everything’s wrong,” How else can one explain why Ole Odinga has failed four times to capture the presidency.

In fact the first time, in 1982, he tried to grab power through blood and gun but still failed.
Raila, you can get out of the political cocoon that you have locked yourself inside for decades. Push the limits of your own comfort zone. Don’t entertain nonsense of “Papa”. Start asking uncomfortable questions such as “is it really possible to unseat President Uhuru Kenyatta? Get the answer that you wish you didn’t have to know. Open yourself up and let your supporters know they can ask you anything and challenge your ideas.

In fact, many supporters right now would not like to have you contest. Their argument is that your ideas are obsolete and there are many youthful people who can play more relevant politics.
My party leader and a dude I have supported for decades… please wake up and smell the coffee. This is the best time that you have the option to change your path versus learning too little, too late tomorrow. You led the coup in 1982 and many died, you organized mass action and caused the death of many Kenyans in 2007/8, you demanded for Grand Coalition government that threw Kenyan economy to the dogs, in 2013, you went to the Supreme Court and lost your case, currently you are sleeping on the streets demanding resignation of commissioners that you appointed. What next? Your behavior of confrontational politics is very unpredictable.

Only an insane dude can keep doing the same things over and over again for decades while expecting different results. Sleeping on the streets at your age is not only a shameful strategy and a degrading behavior but it is also below your pay grade.
Discard those who hang on your coat tails and listen to me because only true friends who say as it is, even when truth hurts. Raila your political time is over.

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Re: 1,000 Reasons why Raila will never be the President of Kenya

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https://venasnews.co.ke/2016/08/11/keny ... president/

These are Kenyans Raila Will Never Beat in Presidential Elections. This is Why Raila Will Never Be President.
August 11, 20161122
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Former Prime Minister and CORD leader Raila Odinga has contested for president since 1997, but there are Kenyans who have always beaten him.

In 1992, Raila’s father, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, contested for presidency but lost against former President Moi with a huge margin.

In that particular election, Daniel Moi, who contested on a KANU ticket garnered 1,927,645 against Jaramogi’s 903,886.That was the last time Jaramogi’s name featured in an election.

Raila, being the only son Jaramogi trusted with inheritance, picked up from where his father left. Under the National Development Party, Raila registered as a presidential candidate in 1997, but as fate would have it he became third, behind Daniel Moi and Mwai Kibaki.

In 2002, he chickened out and instead supported Mwai Kibaki.If he dared contest at that time, he would have come third, behind Uhuru and Mwai kibaki.

In 2007, with all the pentagon support and all tribes except The Kikuyu and Kamba behind him, Raila lost again to Mwai Kibaki.

In 2013, he was fully prepared to beat Uhuru, knowing very well the president had a case at the ICC and was an underdog, according to opinion polls. Shock hit him like a truck when the young Uhuru beat him.

Looking at the history and considering that Kibaki and Moi are all behind Uhuru, the former prime minister would be wasting his time contesting for president in 2017.

First, Raila is not near power, which puts him in an awkward position. He is not guaranteed support as was the case in 2007.He is also not the charming Raila we knew.

Unless Uhuru pulls out of the race, Raila stands no chance.

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Re: 1,000 Reasons why Raila will never be the President of Kenya

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http://www.ghafla.com/2017/01/24/mutahi ... win-uhuru/

Mutahi Ngunyi makes a U-turn and reveals why Raila will NEVER be president barely two weeks after conducting a poll that resulted to Rao’s win over Uhuru

But two weeks after conducting the poll, Mutahi has made a U-turn to reveal Raila will never be president; this was after a fake tweet appeared claimed that the political analyst had declared that Raila will be the next president of Kenya comes August.

Mutahi dismissed the tweet revealing that Raila was a slow-punctured politician who would never become king.


In the meantime, the Cord sisters should be reminded that a Raila candidacy is a historical record of a persistent failure. To be dominated into this candidacy through fraud is therefore to succumb to a state of guaranteed failure. And history is our national witness on this matter, three times,” Mutahi Ngunyi spoke in a YouTube Video.

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