Rais 54 percent and the reemergence of a one party state

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Rais 54 percent and the reemergence of a one party state

Unread post by JahKikuyu » Sat Aug 12, 2017 9:15 am

Two things clearly emerge from the 2017 elections:

-The 54 percent winners and 46 percent losers was repeated in too many races for it to be a random act. It is quite probable that there was some external input into the results
-Uhuru would probably have won even without the computer algorithm that was injected into the system. He ran a flawless campaign against a bumbling older man who should have quit running after the 2013 defeat.

The bigger question arising from the 2017 elections is whether Kenyans are prepared to deal with the vagaries of a one party state all over again. A country such as our needs constant checks and balances of a viable opposition to keep the ruling class in check and stem excesses such as Eurobond and NYS. Even in a home, there is a fine balance between the influence of a husband and the moderating input of a wife.

Does the overwhelming victory by Jubilee threaten the gains we have made in democracy by tilting Kenya back to the highhanded management styles of a one party rule?

I feel that Raila Odinga and his handlers gave Kenyans a raw deal in presenting a flawed candidate at a time when we needed a strong showing in the opposition to adequately counter the excesses of a duo that are wont to turn a blind eye to corruption. We also needed a strong showing by the opposition as the voice of the segment of Kenya outside the Kalenjin and Gema. As it is now, Uhuru and Ruto are going to need to be real statesmen in order to extend an olive branch to the rest of Kenya

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