My Dear Brothers and Sisters...

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My Dear Brothers and Sisters...

Unread post by JahKisumu » Sat Aug 12, 2017 12:14 pm

Why subject yourself to this (see below), when it's clear the man you are fighting for clearly lost but can never accept defeat?
He spent his time in court fight the system in his favor instead of addressing our needs. He's selfish like that. Why are you surprised he lost even in unlikely areas? Watu wamefungua macho and so can you.

I plead with the police; please don't kill our people and my people stop throwing stones.
“Ndio Raila Akuwe President Lazima Watu Wakufe Kiasi"
"For Raila to Become President People Must Die"
Raila Killing Kenyans Since 1982 And Counting

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Re: My Dear Brothers and Sisters...

Unread post by FARAJA » Sat Aug 12, 2017 2:15 pm

Barack Muluka said he voted for Raila but he realizes he's now old, stummering and tired.

He clearly showed those signs. He was rushed to an emergency in Mombasa, and keep talking about where we were in 1970s economically-at par with S. Korea. Those were campaign slogans of 2007.

Baba need to rest now. He's a gallant soldier of second liberation but not all soldiers end up becoming Chief of General Staff.

Moi had a grand retirement plan; to become a chancellor of his own university and educate the masses especially his people.

Moi's retirement is one to envy. He dishes out degrees every year for the last 15!

One of Moi's legacies that is not highlighted is educating the Kalenjins and inspiring them to pursue education.

It's very likely Kalenjins now have an equal number of doctorates and masters degrees with the Luos, who used to lead in education. Education is still revered in Nyanza but I wonder if the new generation is pursuing higher edu like the older generation.

I truly want to see what Raila had prepared for retirement in case he didn't become president.
There are people who want to engage in ad hominem abuse all day long on online forums, spewing bile in a seemingly unending stream.

These are, in fact, the most uneducated amongst us.

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