Why I pray for Kenya today, tomorrow and always

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Why I pray for Kenya today, tomorrow and always

Unread post by kakamega » Sat Sep 23, 2017 5:30 pm

After all is said and done, my prayers are with motherland Kenya. I am glad that the dark clouds that were hovering over our land in the recent past are clearing. There are fewer verbal attacks on the judiciary, and the two major protagonists even had the humility to shake hands.

I get down on my knees and pray for Kenya for two reasons:

a) It (and the predominantly black countries in Africa and the Caribbean) are the only places in the world where a nyeuthi can walk tall and breathe freely. Jungu land might appear enticing, but there is a deep rooted hatred (+ scorn and total lack of respect) for the nyeuthi, that runs several hundred years deep. There might be pockets of tolerance, but don't be fooled. Until recently the USA was (on paper) the one place on earth where historical injustices caused their society to want to effect changes towards a just coexistence. But waves of unchecked immigration have now bred a high level of intolerance for immigrants, and reawakened terrible feelings against blacks that the civil rights movement attempted to bury. It does not help that they recently elected a president with right wing and plainly racist leaning.

b) Kenya has the manpower and resources to become an African tiger with improved standards of living for all citizens. I pray that we don't spoil a good thing. We are one of the beacons of hope in a continent ravaged by years of strife along tribal and ethnic lines. We have the resources to pull all our young men and women into gainful employment. We can do (on a smaller scale) what the late Gaddafi did to the people of Libya. We too can be a magnate for all those African souls going into self imposed semi-slavery in Europe. We can be a catalyst for reverse migration.

I pray that both Uhuru and Raila find it in their hearts a true love for Kenya. An unqualified love for our country that ensures whoever is elected in a fair poll October 26 concedes and works with the victor to accelerate development. I pray that the Kalenjin and Kikuyu communities find it in their hearts the revelation that all 43 tribes of Kenya can lift our country to greater heights if each feels they have a stake in our beautiful country. The current "winner takes it all" arrangement is untenable

Please take a moment tomorrow to pray for mother Kenya. It is all we got. It is our untainted umbilical cord to mother earth.

Viva Kenya

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