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The Jakuonist Dictionary

Unread post by obienga » Tue Sep 26, 2017 2:52 am

According to ajos:

PEACEFUL DEMOS means stoning vehicles, harassing businessmen along the way and plundering where possible. It also involves provoking (mostly by stoning) the police. That's "a constitutional right" they are willing to pay the price to defend

POLICE BRUTALITY means using force to stop the "Peaceful demo" described above. He expects a responsible police to allow people to exercise their right to harass, loot and even beat others without interruption.

RIGGED ELECTION means him loosing the elections. It doesn't matter if he's on streets leading "peaceful demos" instead of campaigning or has no numbers to compete. If he doesn't win, it's rigged.

JUSTICE means the courts redeeming themselves by granting his prayers. Any other ruling is an affront to justice and unacceptable.

DARK DAYS/DICTATORSHIP is when a member of his hate caravan is arrested for saying "round hii watu lazima wakufe ili baba awe Rais" or calls the president a "son of a bitch".

DEMOCRACY is detaining anyone who dares say something negative against Jakom while letting his hatemongers get away with everything

KENYANS refers to him and supporters. Whatever he says is what Kenyans are saying. For instance, if he wants Chiloba gone, then Kenyans are tired and want Chiloba gone.

Was this helpful? Good. Enjoy your day... away from "peaceful demos", especially if you not a "Kenyan". ... 4469706707

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