How Orengo and Anyang Nyongo are lying and deceiving Raila

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How Orengo and Anyang Nyongo are lying and deceiving Raila

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How orengo and Anyang Nyongo are lying and deceiving Raila


If there are Luo politicians I greatly admire and will forever be grateful to, they are James Orengo and Anyang' Nyong'o. Why?

According to my research and lost to many is the fact that these gentlemen were vehemently opposed to Raila. They NEVER joined his NDP neither followed him to KANU. Nyong'o believed Rao lacked the requisite education to lead Kenya while Orengo believed Jakom was the worst manager there could be.

But as you know, going against an Odinga in Luo Nyanza is no mean task, the voters punished Orengo and Nyong'o...So, how did Orengo and Nyong'o become Agwambo's most trusted legal and political advisors respectively?

They came to terms with the fact that an average Luo voter doesn't care about individual brilliance or exceptional leadership qualities. All that it takes to get elected is unquestioning loyalty to Raila. It's that simple. Pour water on the speaker, threaten to undress, blow whistles in Parliament or walk naked in long as it is done "to help Jakom", you'll be elected or reelected almost unopposed.

All Orengo and Nyong'o had to do was swallow their pride and start worshipping Rao. They did it so well that, within no time, they'd replaced Baba's advisors.

Again, why do I admire them? Because they are fighting retrogression from within and do it so cleverly that they are considered heroes by the minions and enjoy political rewards from the dynasty.

For instance:

1. In 2008, Orengo advised Rao to sign a power sharing deal that left Jakom begging for VIP treatment and caught up in a supremacy battle with Kalonzo over who should speak before Kibaki.

2. In 2012/13, Nyong'o told Baba that he didn't need Ruto to get the Kalenjin votes. That Agwambo was more popular among the Kalenjins than he was in Luo Nyanza...The result? Rao miserably lost to Uhuruto

3. Orengo is vying for Senate and Nyong'o for governor while telling Jakom that Rift valley, Meru, Embu, Nyeri, Murang'a are locked tightly under his grip. They are telling him, to prepare a victory speech and assemble a cabinet, yet they are not ready to be part of it...Orengo is guaranteed senate reelection and Nyong'o has chances of becoming Kisumu governor!

Orengo and Nyong'o are fighting against Odingaism from within. And they are good at it...better than those fighting it from without!

In the meantime, mawingu imetanda

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