Baba dedicates Oct 20th to Real Mashujaa

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Baba dedicates Oct 20th to Real Mashujaa

Unread post by vooke » Tue Oct 17, 2017 5:04 am

Our protests will stay suspended...
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Re: Baba dedicates Oct 20th to Real Mashujaa

Unread post by FARAJA » Tue Oct 17, 2017 5:34 am

Serikali ina mkono mrefu. Jaramogi realized it when he decided ill-advisedly to take on Jomo in broad daylight, taunting every word the president was uttering at that fateful opening of the Russian built hospital. Jaramogi's plan was to have Kenyatta slaughtered in public and then take over power.

Kenyatta security had to shoot their way out of that trap. Jaramogi was put under house arrest. Under Moi, Jaramogi tried shenanigans with his son but was caught every time he made any I'll attempt. Until he admitted in public that Moi had a neck equivalent to a giraffe's.

Raila has underestimated Uhuru and is cooking maneno. Foolish people who are supposed to lay low and eatvtheir loot are carrying his water.

Just remember, in spite of all the house arrests, Jaramogi never went to jail and he lived to fight another day. Raila is an old man and will be spared. His lieutenants will be crashed.
There are people who want to engage in ad hominem abuse all day long on online forums, spewing bile in a seemingly unending stream.

These are, in fact, the most uneducated amongst us.

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