My message to William Ruto on "that man"

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My message to William Ruto on "that man"

Unread post by Wuod Nyar Boro » Tue Oct 17, 2017 12:45 pm

Dear Jakamagut:

So far you have scored 64 to nil against "that man" in this match. Please take it easy on this onagias you may need him as a punching bag for your campaigns in 2022.

And, by the way!! Doesn't it feel good to see the man that kicked you out of his party like a mongrel now running around as if he is possessed? Tell me if it doesn't feel good Onjelo

The sad reality is "that man" would be sitting pretty in State House sampling Kenya's best wine if he had not been so short sighted and listened to bad advise especially from that bearded governor

Another sad reality is that Ojuri would be nowhere near State House if that man had toshad a less polarizing figure to stand in NASA. As it is right now, game over

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Re: My message to William Ruto on "that man"

Unread post by Murata » Tue Oct 17, 2017 6:54 pm

It’s too early to call. He’s winning more important battles like a free and fair and transparent election, challenging electoral offenses, giving a voice to a party like Thirdway Alliance who now get another opportunity to communicate their story. Democratic wins. Raila is not as schrewd as his competitions when it comes to political gamesmanship, his fights are are largely for democracy, Kenyans may not prioritize that. It should be the priority though in my view.

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