New & Improved Irreducible Minimum

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Re: New & Improved Irreducible Minimum

Unread post by RV Heavy hitter! » Sun Dec 10, 2017 4:38 pm

Logan wrote:
Sun Dec 10, 2017 10:35 am
Logan wrote:
Sun Dec 10, 2017 10:33 am
Re: Why Chupiless Thieves Must Go Home...
Those who think that our current political problems can be resolved through a government of national unity have got it very wrong.
What worked in 2007 will not work in 2017. A nusu mkate government will be institutionalizing and rewarding electoral malpractices.
It will make electoral theft legal. This will be treating cancer with painkillers.
It is hypocritical for foreign powers to urge us to follow the law while not requiring the same of our unworthy competitors.

As I have insisted many times, selective application of the law will result in the breakdown of law and order.
Western powers are only interested in what they can grab from this country and not in its future.
They are interested in us continuing to fight their so-called war on terror and not in our long-term sustainability as a State.

These Powers are interested more in their oil exploration and production interests in the country than in our democracy.
This means it will take you and me to resolve the issues we face and not delegate that to greedy outsiders.
We must chart a path to a free and fair election as a more permanent guarantee for peace and stability we so much crave for.
Shortcuts are not going to work.

An important message needs to be passed that you cannot steal elections and expect to rule others by force and intimidation.
The short-sighted people cheering on electoral thieves are doing so because they like them.
Some years soon someone you do not like will steal elections and you will not like it but then it will be too late.

That is why the event by NRM on Jamhuri Day must take place as scheduled.
All necessary measures however long it will take must be taken to place this country on a firm democratic path.
This will be the only template on which a great and sustainable country can be established.
To do otherwise is to build on sinking sand.

The following is a list of counties that have adopted NRM's People's Assembly resolution among them Jubilee controlled Mandera County that now recognizes Raila Odinga as The People's President:

1. Siaya County
2. Vihiga County
3. Homabay County
4. Kakamega County
5. Busia County
6. Bungoma County
7. Migori County
8. Kisumu County
9. Mombasa County
10. Kitui County
11. Makueni County
12. Kilifi County
13. Kwale County
14. Machakos County
15.Mandera County
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