Kenyan Laws for your Android gadget, tablet or phone

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Kenyan Laws for your Android gadget, tablet or phone

Unread post by True RV » Sat Dec 09, 2017 8:47 am

Visit google store and download some real good stuff for your Android tablet or phone. Go to using your gadget. Very few pple have downloaded these important documents coz many of them were uploaded few months ago, thanks to
Rachit Technology of India

There are lots of good stuff there that I did not list, Kenyan Media for e.g

For All listed "Kenyan Constitutions, search "Kenya constitution 210" on that website. I recommend downloading at least listed 16 & 17 plus more ... 010&c=apps

  1. Kenya Law
  2. Kenya's Penal Code
  3. Kenya’s Sexual Offences Act
  4. Kenya's The Marriage Act 2014
  5. Kenya's The Evidence Act
  6. Kenya's The Advocates Act
  7. Kenya's Civil Procedure Act
  8. Kenya's The Basic Education Act, 2013
  9. Kenya's The Narcotic Drugs (Control) Act, 1994
  10. Kenya's The Arbitration Act, 1995
  11. Kenya's The Consumer Protection Act, 2012
  12. Kenya's The Births and Deaths Registration Act
  13. Environmental Law Q&A - Kenya
  14. Kenya's - Protection Against Domestic Violence Act
  15. Kenya Police 101
  16. Kenyan Constitution
  17. The Constitution of Kenya
  18. Kenya Constitution 2010
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