Article 127 (2) (C): MPs scuttle formation of PSC

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Article 127 (2) (C): MPs scuttle formation of PSC

Unread post by True RV » Thu Dec 14, 2017 10:37 am

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Article 127: Parliamentary and Service Commission

(2) The Commission consists of(a) the Speaker of the National Assembly, as chairperson;

(b) a vice-chairperson elected by the Commission from the members appointed under paragraph (c);

(c) seven members appointed by Parliament from among its members of whom
(i) four shall be nominated equally from both Houses by the party or

coalition of parties forming the national government, of whom at least two shall be women; and

(ii) three shall be nominated by the parties not forming the national government, at least one of whom shall be nominated from each House and at least one of whom shall be a woman; and

(d) one man and one woman appointed by Parliament from among

persons who are experienced in public affairs, but are not members of Parliament.

(3) The Clerk of the Senate shall be the Secretary to the Commission. (4) A member of the Commission shall vacate office(a) if the person is a member of Parliament

(i) at the end of the term of the House of which the person is a member; or

(ii) if the person ceases to be a member of Parliament; or
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