Railas CANAAN: What he fails to say

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Railas CANAAN: What he fails to say

Unread post by True RV » Thu Dec 28, 2017 4:11 pm

According to Christian Bible (there are many versions out there), It took children of nowadays Israel 40 years to cross from Egypt into Canaan, correct me on book of Deuteronomy of the the current xtian Bible. Or was it 40 yrs in Sinai desert after crossing Red Sea

OK Moses went to the Mountain where God anointed him with the 10 commandments. Moses took almost 40 yrs ALONE creating those commands with God, only to be TOTALLY rejected by the pple going to Canaan, and Moses died of zero leadership and popular uprising.

Moses NEVER sow the face of Heavenly Father God Jehova YAWH. He saw burning fire/bush coz no human on body born on Earth can see his FACE. No Human Flesh can see Gods face.

That was a story of how long it will take to Raila's Canaan.
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