TZ Nationalist leaders vs Kenyan Tribalist leaders

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TZ Nationalist leaders vs Kenyan Tribalist leaders

Unread post by kicharo » Sun Jan 21, 2018 5:21 am

For all its failures, one thing I admire about Tanzania is that, at its highest levels, it is led by nationalists: who are only keen on promoting national interests. Nyerere indoctrinated them into that way of thinking. And he set up systems to ensure that nationalists, with that kind of thinking, are continually being produced.

Kenya, on its part, is led by tribalists, who are only keen on promoting tribal interests. You see, for instance, that Uhuru Kenyatta is a fine, likeable president. But he is only keen on promoting Kikuyu interests. He is only keen on seeing to it that Kikuyu people will always be on top of other communities, and that they will always rule kenya -- directly or through proxies like Ruto. He thinks first as a Kikuyu, and as a Kenyan second. Other tribes will be tolerated: but only if they are willing to play second fiddle to the Kikuyu.

So, for instance, you find there are lots of areas with great agricultural potential. But you see, if that potential is fully exploited, it would leave the Kikuyu (and Kalenjin) with no market to 'export' their produce to other communities. Those Kikuyu canters, that move from town to town exporting agricultural produce, would be left with no work. Therefore agriculture in those other communities' areas is sabotaged.

Yet the Kikuyu and the Kalenjin can't meet Kenya's food demand. So we end up with food insecurity. And we end up being open to accusations that "we can't feed ourselves". Yet we have capacity to even produce food for export.

Almost every thing that is wrong with Kenya is wrong due to this tribalism. And this is why TZ, a country that couldn't possibly be compared with Kenya in 1990, now has the guts to start comparing itself. Because it is making some genuine progress, because of its nationalism. We, on our part, seem to be regressing, because of our tribalism.

And this is not Kikuyu bashing. Truth be told, Kenya wouldn't be what it is (the good as well as the bad) without Kikuyu input. What I find repulsive is the tendency by the very top mafia to promote kikuyu rather than kenyan interests. Promote Kikuyu interests, if you must. But don't do it at the expense of other communities. Create a level playing field. Then let the Kikuyu win (and they are an aggresive people, who can very well win even in a level playing field)

Moi tried nationalism, but at some point, he decided to empower the Qwalenjin. And it got to a point where he was essentially trying to replace the Kikuyu hegemony with a Kalenjin hegemony. And if Raila got power, his Luo henchmen would be trying to replace the kikuyu hegemony with a Luo hegemony. You sense it, whenever you speak to them. And it is not their fault. As Kenyans, we have been indoctrinated into that way of thinking.

So we need to replace tribalism with nationalism. And for the sake of clarity, replacing tribalism with nationalism is simple. It means doing away with the mentality of trying to get our communities to dominate others. The idea that our community should be dominant, and that we should subjugate the others, that is what we need to do away with.

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