Reverse migration from developed nations

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Reverse migration from developed nations

Unread post by Murata » Mon Jan 22, 2018 5:34 pm

I wonder if people would welcome an idea to give relocation assistance and create a pathway to migration of non citizens back to their countries from developed countries. It would seem developed countries may be over-extended and perhaps are gaining a sense of an invation due to one-way migration. There is broad-based sentiment that their cultures are starting to change due to too many foreigners. This is a real problem that developing nations don't seem to have any solutions for yet it's there people who are bearing the Brunt of deportations and living in fear in developed Nations. Developing nations can benefit greatly from the Diversified backgrounds that the returnees would bring to their countries. I read one article where Israel was paying Africans to leave and go back to their countries, what is so wrong with that idea?
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