South Sudan Tanks

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South Sudan Tanks

Unread post by alehandro » Wed Dec 15, 2010 4:40 am

i recall this issue being raised in The Nairobi Chronicle blog. Yet this new twist of events courtesy of wikileaks, (which I believe is at rue representation of things going on..based on their past track record with issues like the Afghan war) shows us that Indeed There's an arms race going on in Sudan

Bwana Ole Nkarei, you said, with much conviction that these Tanks were ours, and idea I found to sound rather dubious, seeing as Kenyan military has predominantly had a look west direction with regards to training and hardware...It would not make sense to acquire soviet era tanks.

But all the same, these new revelations make it seem that;
-You are intent on spreading misinformation with regards to Kenya's Military capabilities
-You could be In the military but not in the Know
-You are Not even in the Military after all as Claimed.

Talk to me 'major'

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