Kenya's Security a Major Concern

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Kenya's Security a Major Concern

Unread post by denniswebala » Fri Nov 09, 2012 11:03 am

The security of this country is now a major concern than ever. This comes in a wake of the humiliationary defeat of the Al-qaeda linked terror squad of the fame of Al-shabaab. There have been rampant incidences of grenade attacks, bombing and gun attacks that have been witnessed in Social venues, Churches and police stations. This has been a retaliatory move of the weakened terror group as an act of vengeance. Recent incidences that have claimed scores of lives should not be taken forgranted given the fact that we are fast approaching an electioneering period. There have also been other cases threatening the national security, like the Tana Delta massacre and the MRC brutalisation of the Coastal region. My urge to the government is to wake up from its laurels and face the reality that there's one enemy to fight with and this is insecurity.[

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