Egypt- Mine Is Bigger Than Yours

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Egypt- Mine Is Bigger Than Yours

Unread post by AntiHubris » Fri Jul 26, 2013 11:20 pm

The Egyptian experiment so far.
Morsi's supporters have simply refused to let the new illegality take root. Daily demonstrations, massacres of their supporters by the army and now trumped up charges against Morsi who has been detained since early July. The army has felt threatened enough to organize more counter-demos to show its approach has support. (The civilian talking heads hand-picked by the army now relegated to the background).

So it has boiled down to who can bring more people to the streets with the army taking one side. For Nipateans who cheered the coup and hinted that Kenya would be a suitable candidate for a similar experiment, anarchy and internal self destruction is what you get when you suspend the rules.

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