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Unread post by Gumzo » Wed Jan 10, 2018 4:38 am

NTSA will no longer allowed to mount those eating road blocks.

The eating will now be left to the traffic police only.....corruption monopoly
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Unread post by Garlic » Wed Jan 10, 2018 6:14 am

NTSA would have been really useful had it concentrated on research and scientific investigation regarding motor vehicle accidents. Everyone knows there is little or no meaningful investigation undertaken when an accident occur. We all rush to cliché like speeding, drunken driver etc without proper and scientific investigation. The way motor vehicles are inspected is actually laughable.

There is a need to train/retrain PSV drivers, to improve on driving schools and licensing of all drivers among others. All these are within NTSA mandate but the idiots who lead it chose to concentrate on enforcing which essentially made NTSA just like Traffic Cops who demand higher bribe and have arrogance of assuming he knows best.

Some of their proposals are actually idiotic and impractical given the way Kenyan society is. For example, what's rationale of proposing "cashless payment" of bus fare? How is it supposed to improve roads and driving skills or reduce accidents? Then how easy is it to implement where majority of Kenyans are in the rural areas and even those in towns/cities operate on indeterminate fare? Why would i waste time looking for where to load "transport card" and not just pay the conductor?
It shows NTSA was not and has not been doing any research to improve transport.

NTSA is just another one of those government bodies that are set up with a lot of hope but end up being useless. Or even make things worse!

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